How to get your Australian visa successfully?

Most of the Australian visa applications done on your own are rejected. And to help you make sure that you do enough to not get your visa rejected, I’ve made a list of mishaps that happens when you apply on your own.

Provide them the evidence!

Like every other official procedure, getting your Australian visa also requires you to show them the evidences of your educational qualification or work history.

Closeup of fingerprint on paper

If you are applying for a student visa, you are able to show them your good grades (lol) and other achievements that you have gathered during your study time in Nepal. Other achievements can be certificates of competitions you’ve won or certificates of events that you have volunteered for.

If you are applying for a work visa, you need to show them your experiences regarding the regarded field and the amount of work that you have done in that field. Furthermore, you can flaunt your achievements that you have gathered in your company like employee of the month/year, etc.

We as Nepalese fail to see the importance of certificates and the merit it brings forth.


Be consistent with your portfolio/documents.

A handful of people are the ones that do not get visa in their first or second time around. And if you happen to be one of those, make sure your documents are consistent.

Bullseye score on a dartboard

Yes! You might have been rejected with that document before but that doesn’t mean that you have to lie about it now.

Be honest! That’s the only way you can be consistent.

I’ve seen cases of people where they say they couldn’t complete studies because they had family problems in the first application and right in the second one they say they felt that that wasn’t the right career path for them. Don’t be that guy

Be accurate

What do I mean by being accurate?

Well, be accurate. Pay attention to all the details that you seem to encounter.

Hand holding approximation symbol

Whatever you mention in the documents make sure to check them time and again until and unless you’ve found the right details.

The visa lodgers might go through your emails / Facebook timeline to verify if the certain thing on your bio is actually correct and accurate.

Be honest

It’s more like a call back to the second point but I can’t stress it enough.

Don’t lie.

Handsome man making an oath

Be as honest and as upfront you can be about the subject material and make sure whatever you are saying is 100% true.

If you happen to lie even a little, that will act more against you than for you. So, don’t lie.

Lying reduces your credibility (Shocking!) and it’s difficult for the application checker to go through your application and trust you.


Do you want a cluttered mess? No, I’m not talking about your room.

Nobody wants a cluttered mess. And the problem with most people’s application is that it’s a cluttered mess to a point that it’s not even a mess, it’s a mess-tery (See what I did there? Mystery-Messtery get it? Okay I’ll stop)

Blank spiral paper desk calendar pen and lamp

Make sure you organize your documents as much as you can. Go ham on that thing!

For printed materials make sure they are written well, formatting is maintained and the indexing is done properly.

For digital materials make sure you name them properly. Don’t use names like abcddd.jpg for your passport scan. Use names that describe the documents like [your name passport scan.jpg] (duh)

It might seem to be a small thing but I’ve seen a lot of people doing the same mistakes again and again.

The better organized your documents are,the faster chances of the review process being done.

Social media

This is my favourite one.

You think tagging 100 friends in your photo with a caption saying “Love is easy but I’m busy” is cool, right?

You think sending a billion candy crush requests won’t do anything that would be of disservice to you, right?

You think reacting “haha” on your friends profile is fun, right?

Guess what?

You’ll be judged for it. The admission committee thoroughly checks your profile and such activities are considered offense.

TBH, no. But you should have seen the look on your face.

Smartphone social network

The admission committee usually checks the applier’s social media just to make sure if the details he has provided is accurate and to know more about the applier.

If you’ve shared anything offensive on your Facebook profile thinking that no one will bat an eye, trust me when I say this the admission committee will.

And also, the consistency matters.

If what you’ve written on your documents doesn’t align to your social media profile, that’ll be a big problem.


You ain’t head lining if you ain’t dead lining bruhhhhh! (LOL)

We as Nepalese have this weird habit of not doing anything before time and waiting for the auspicious occasion to complete it. (like this article haha)

Employee stressed at work

But the reviewer committee is strict about their deadlines. They believe that deadlines show them how credible you are.

Even if you pass all the tests like a boss but don’t submit the exam results in time then it won’t do you any good.

Visa (choose wisely live well)

Be sure what you are asking for.

Don’t apply for a work/tourist visa if you are willing to study in Australia.

American visa document

I know it sounds dumb because it is but I’ve seen a lot of people do it. Don’t put words in my mouth, I did not call any one of those people D…

I’ve seen a lot of good profiles which have been rejected just because they chose tourist visa over work visa because that wasn’t the type of visa that they were going for.

Choosing the best consultancy

When it comes to going abroad the best thing that you can do is choose a good consultancy.

Best choice, seal

Yes it’s possible to go to Australia on your own without the help of any consultancy but when you go through a consultancy the project is streamlined. They know what you should be doing and why.

Here’s a list of all the consultancies in Kathmandu.

Here’s a list of the most popular consultancies in Kathmandu.




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