Health insurance and medical policy in Australia


Australia is a continent with just a country that is a leading country in terms of preference of people on a world basis. It has also evolved as a perfect destination for active life and adventurous living. The country is full of diverse lifestyles and fair climate year around where you can enjoy every weekend with some amazing activity around you. Before attempting something new in your life, make sure that the assurance is made so that you don’t have to regret it if anything goes wrong. The accident is not something the gives symptoms but happens all of a done even during your surfing, rock climbing and so on. This is why insurance is necessary for you to live your life to the fullest with a predetermined assurance. 

What does insurance refer to? 

The insurance amount extracted to meet the medical cost is known as health insurance. Insurance is an assurance made to meet the unforeseen situation by allocation certain, out on an annual basis or as er guided by your agent. Insurance is a modern concept of allocation or arrangement of cost for some unforeseen circumstances in our life for a long duration of time. Life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and disability insurance are the major kinds of insurance out of which health insurance is regarded as a crucial one as well as very useful daily. It’s not the insurance that is unnecessary but it has to be given priority on our life to reduce the risk causing agents and unforeseen conditions. The amount does not get dispersed but can be issued during the time or necessity of after the end of the agreement. There are various insurance companies available that ensures our life with reasonable insurance policies and duration feasible for us. The criteria made in the field of medicine for the wellbeing of health are the medical policies that vary from one country to another. 

Healthcare in Australia

Australian residents

The people who have a permanent visa or the native of Australia are given the medicare for free as a national health service within the physical territory of the country. The care covers the cost of hospital treatment and looks after the cist of doctors and specialists on a partial basis. In case you need some more of it, you can purchase private health cost coverage from the respective provider. 

International students

The reciprocal healthcare agreements between Australia and some counties create the free medicare service for you if you are an international student from countries like Swede, Belgium, Netherland, Italy, United Kingdom, and Slovenia. If you are an international student from other countries besides the mentioned one, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a compulsion for you while coming to Australia. The visa procedure requires a copy of the receipt to show that you have purchased this cover. This can also be arranged by the institution you have applied for as this needs to be with you during your stay in Australia. 

This can be extended once the period of 5 years gets expired as this covers your cost almost every time where required in terms of medical perspectives 

While arriving in Australia

You have to keep the document related to purchase if OSHC while traveling to and within Australia as this has to be shown whenever an agent asks for it. The prescription should also be shown if you have a pre-existing medical condition that has to be in English. 

 Insurance in Australia

There are 38 private health insurance companies within the physical territory of Australia. Public health care is denoted by Medicare as mentioned above whereas the major private health insurance in Australia are as follows:


This insurance company holds 26.9% market share with an experience of 40 years in the field of giving health insurance to the customers. It has around 3.7 million customers through its Medibank and Ahm brands. You can get it on a single purpose, for a family, in terms of single parents or for a couple with varying policies. It offers a full (100% balance) service for optical care and kids’ purpose as well as twice in a year in case of dental issues.  



It holds a 26.9% market share and is owned by a foreigner who entered the Australian market in 2002. It has been serving over 4 million customers in Australia and New Zealand currently. It offers you health and well-being purposes on a holistic approach. 



It covers 10.4% of market share and is a nonprofit health fund which was established in 1932. It has been serving around 1.5 million Australians in 52 different locations within the country. It offers the package options to make the feasible reach to access the medical resources and make your health. 



It holds 8.3% market share in Australia and was established in 1952. It is an international health partner that has been serving around 1.5 million customers in Australia and New Zealand. It also offers the ambulance services and extra care for physio and dental state if necessary.



HBF owns 8% market share and was founded in 1941 as a nonprofit organization. It has been providing health coverage to around 1 million people. It has the purpose of health insurance for single, single parents, family, couples as well as overseas students. It is not operated by shareholders and regards members as their priority. 



It covers a 2.3% market share and has been serving 40000 Australians as a nonprofit health insurer in Australia. It was established in 1934 for customer service and agrees to do the paperwork if necessary with prioritizing dental care, eye care, AIA Vitality to develop a healthier environment.


Australian unity

Australian Unity holds a 3% market share and is a mutual company owned by the members over 175 years. It has 194000 private health insurance policyholders and was founded in 1840 and can be contacted with 13 29 39 for details to select the insurance policy that favors your needs.


Teachers health

As its name suggests, it is a private health fund established for the education community within Australia with 156000 members. It holds a 2.3% market share and was created by teachers over 60 years ago.


Defense Health

It has been providing coverage to the Australian Defense Force (ADF) for 65 years and holds a 2% market share. It owns 131000 policies provider and has a wider defense community currently. It aims for no profit and has easy access and 24 hours serving its members. 



CBHS holds a 1.5% market share and was established in 1951 for protecting the life of Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBH groups) families and employees. It owns 100000 members currently.


The above ratings were extracted from AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card 2018. As a whole, health insurance is very important to avoid the burden of expensive medical costs immediately during an emergency. It offers you cashless treatment and no claim bonus which is an advantage in the long run. 

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