Step by Step Process to Study in Australia [Complete Guide]

In this Students Guide to Australia guide, you will learn the following:

Step by step Process to Study in Australia [Complete Guide]
  • Things you need to do and prepare as an International Student before applying to Universities and Colleges in Australia for enrollment,
  • Documents you need to prepare, where you can get it and some sample resources to help you with your processing.
  • A step by step guide to what to do and when to fully comply with the rules and regulations of the Australian High Commission.
  • And much more!

Below is the step by step process to help you with Study in Australia as an International student.  The steps are applicable to students of India, Students of Nepal, China, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and all the applicable international students who want to pursue an education in Australia.

In short, there are three stages of the application process:

  1. Things students need to do before the application
  2. Things Students need to do during the application process
  3. Things Students need to do after the Visa is Granted

Let us now dig deeper into each of the processes in more detail:

Things students need to do before the application: 

English Language Preparation

The majority of classes in your academic institutions are conducted in English language and if you are not from the country where English is your first language you need to provide English language proficiency test score for the application. The required score varies depending upon the course you are applying and university requirement.

IELTS and PTE are two of the widely accepted English language test for study in Australia.

There are two approaches to English Language test preparation:

First is to select the academic institution you want to get enrollment and check the required score to get admission to the course at that academic Institution.

The second option is to choose the academic institution based on the English Language test score you are able to get.

The first option is highly recommended, it is beneficial to check for the required score and prepare to at least attend the score, put on the extra effort if required. If you are able to score the perfect score higher than required that’s even better.

Start your English Language test Preparation,

You have two option to prepare for the English Language Test: Self Study and Guided Preparation.

Self Study: Prepare for the test based on the available resources by yourself.  You can allocate the time for the preparation to go through the resources and prepare for the test. The option is recommended for people who have a basic understanding of the English language and are capable of preparing on themselves.

Some recommended resources for Self Preparation are:

IELTS Preparation Resources

PTE Preparation Resources

Guided Study: If you are the person who needs an instructor to guide them through the test pattern, scoring and help with feedback and guidance you should definitely go for Guided study. You can either join an English language preparation Institution(IELTS or PTE) or take online consultation. You can check for English Language preparation Institution in your city to join inspiration classes. For online classes, you can take classes from Instructors around the world, one of the advantages of Online classes.

As you are going through the classes, don’t forget to check the available test dates for in advance. Most of the IELTS and PTE test dates get filled fast and you may miss the deadline.

Check your city test centre test dates in advance and if possible book the dates in advance. Consult with your Instructor for what would be the right time for you to book the test. 

Usually, It is recommended to book your test dates 30 to 45 days ahead your preparation start date is recommended if you are somewhat good with the English language and need to understand the test format.

Book your English Language test date,

IELTS test is taken officially by British Council or IDP Education in most of the countries.

PTE Test is taken officially under Pearson Inc.

After English Language Test Results,

Things Students need to do during the application process

Assuming that you get the required score you can proceed to another step of the process. On the other hand, if you are below the required score you can take the test again by preparing on the shortcomings from the previous test. For retest, it is recommended to take coaching from an experienced Instructor for preparation, feedback and guidance.

Preparation and Verification of Academic Documents

After the required English language test score is achieved, its time to make sure you have all the academic documents required verified by the concern authorities for an offer letter by the university/College. Academic documents required may vary based on Degree you are applying and institutions you are applying to.

What is an Offer Letter and what does it contain?

An offer letter is a document issued by University or College to the student that desire to study. Offer letter includes the details as follows for the particular student:

  • Course Details (CRICOS details)
  • Orientation Date 
  • Course Fees & duration
  • Course Fees Deposit for enrollment
  • Scholarship or grants received by the student
  • Campus Location
  • Study module and mode of study
  • And other details about your course.

What documents are required for an Offer letter?

Most of the documents mandated by Australian Colleges and Universities for Students are mostly the same with the exception of some documents.

  • Academic Documents of all levels till the date
  • Completed Application form of University/College
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Passport (Photocopy)
  • IELTS Result Copy
  • Marriage Certificate (if married and applying for dependent Visa)
  • Work Experience (If any)
  • Confirmation of Financials

In a normal scenario, it usually takes 1 to 30 days to receive an offer letter. This may vary on the time of application, Application details completion, number of application and the country of the applicant.

Sometimes it is seen that colleges and University take a phone interview with the application for details verification.

What is SOP?
In case of the Application process, Statement of Purpose(SOP) is a detailed document that students write to the University with details why they choose to study in Australia and in particular Institution and reasons to be accepted.

Here’s a guide to writing the best statement of purpose with examples.

Offer Letter Status,

In case everything is fine on the process till now you receive an offer letter from the academic institutions. Then you can move to the next step of the process i.e. Financial Preparation.

In case you are denied for the offer letter, You may have to check for reason for denial, improve upon it and in rare case reapply for the offer letter. You are still eligible to apply for offer letter from other Colleges and Universities. 

Financial Documentation,

After you receive the offer letter, Next step in the process is to make arrangement of the fees and other expenses for the education and living in Australia. The documents requirement may depend based on the country but to sum up you are required to make funds ready for 3 months to 1 year of fees and living expenses and then present proof that you have enough financial arrangement to cover your education and stay for the course duration.

The documents are to be verified by the concern authorities of the country and then submitted.

After the dicuments are verified the fees is sent to the University or College you have applied.

Confirmation of Financials and Payment

Now that the fd you have sent the fees to the Academic Institution, they send you an Confirmation Letter, ECOE(Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment) which confirms your admission and that the fees are received by the university and your course commencement date. 

What is ECOE and What does it contain?

ECOE stands for Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment which officially confirms your admission and funds being received. The email document contains details for indivisual students as follows:

  • Confirmation of enrollnment
  • Fees structure and confirmation
  • Course details(start date and duration)

Visa Processing and Documentation

After you have received ECOE, its time for Visa Processing and Documentation. The step involves submitting the documents and applying the student visa for the duration of the course with the Australian High Commission. The documents required for Visa processing basically the same for all international student with exception to some additional documents required based on where the student is from.

Some common documents are Academic documents, Financial proof, Insurance and Biometric scan.

Documents required for Visa Processing for International Students

  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Copy of Formal Education Documents
  • Passport Copy
  • National ID (Based on individual’s country)
  • English Test Result(IELTS or PTE)
  • Seld Adhesive name and address proof
  • Police Report
  • Passport Size Photos ( taken not more than 6 months)
  • A verified statement of tuition funds(Bank Balance)
  • A verified statement of availability of funds with source
  • Health Insurance for the duration of Stay(Study)

After all, these required documents are ready, Next step is to apply for the Australian Student Visa with Australian High Commission. The entire dream of Study in Australia depends on this final step. 

Documents required for Nepalese student to apply for Study in Australia student visa

Things Students need to do after the Visa is Granted

Application Result,

You are expected to have two outcomes, One which all student expect, you successfully get the visa from the Australian High Commission to study in Australia. Congratulations! Now you can move to start the final stage of the process i.e Post Visa Activities for Australia.

In a worst-case scenario, If your visa is rejected you may re-apply with justification on why it was a mistake or get to a legal case as well. But this is not highly recommended. One of the recommended things is to continue with the education in the country if the origin and apply for the next level of education. You are open to apply to study in other countries as well.

Some of the reason why Visa Application gets rejected to study in australia are:

  • Application with Incomplete documents 
  • Unable to verify of availility of Funds to study in Australia
  • Improper documentation
  • Unable to verify the reason to return after the education
  • Criminal record or security reasons
  • Other several reasons 

There may be a combination of reasons your visa gets rejected, thus its better to consult a visa consultant for future actions.

Incase your visa is not accepted the process ahead is to apply for the refund of Fees paid to the College/University.

Post Visa Activities for Australia.

Congratulations that you have received the Visa. Go celebrate with your friends and family. Along with the celebration keep in mind the journey has just begun and there is a long way to go.

Here are the things that you need to consider ready for your flight to Australia:

  • Your Passport with Visa
  • Admission documents and orientation details
  • Air Tickets 
  • Email Address for communication
  • Australian or US dollars
  • Mobile Phone
  • Useful contact details and details of emergency contacts
  • International Student Health Insurance papers
  • Accommodation details in Australia(address and confirmation contract)
  • Scanned copy of all the important papers and documents(A photocopy of all )
  • Save maps in mobile or carry a physical map for backup.
  • A notebook and Pen for note.

Please check for allowed items by The Australian Border Force to avoid confusion and even penalty. It is highly recommended to disclose the materials carried in advance to avoid penalty and check the allowed materials in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to study in Australia?

The total cost to study in Australia depends on Academic Fees, Insurance and Living expenses. The Average range of cost is AUD 16000 to AUD 40,000 per year.

Disclaimer: This is the standard practice we recommend that students follow based on our knowledge and standards set and not in any way associated with Australia ‘s Government Immigration. The method is a procedure and is not a guarantee of successful visas. There are several reasons why applicants for student visas are accepted or denied, and we seek to include all of the process here.

Final Thoughts On Study in Australia

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations among International Students especially India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA, Srilanka and Pakistan due to its diversity and student-friendly policies. Students fees are protected by the Australian Government that helps you complete the study in case your institution is closed or unable to deliver the course. 

Research the course and Academic Institutions you plan to get enrolled in for better success.

Want more information on how to make the Study in Australia application process easy? 
Our recommended resources will assist you in every possible way in your journey. 

Download the Step by step guide to Students application process to study in Australia.

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