What to expect at an Australian airport as a student

Introduction to Australian airport

To begin with, there are 613 airports in Australia where Sydney’s Airport is said to be the busiest airport. The major airports are Adelaide airport, Brisbane airport, Cairns airport, Darwin airport, gold Coast Airport, Melbourne airport, Perth airport, and Sydney airport. Australian General aviation is a company that trains pilots in Australia that shows the safety regarding your trip. It is an exciting experience for sure but you might not be familiar with what to do next and how to get it done. Here is a list of what happens as you land in Australia.

Incoming passenger card

This is an arrival card which needs to be with you while travelling as it has to be shown as soon as you are at each airport in Australia from any country. It is a legal document for immigration authorities that clearly shows your name, your family name, your passport number, flight number, address in Australia, criminal convictions and health issues and visa purpose. This also shows your details about the stuffs you carry which needs to be mentioned if you have medicines, illegal drugs, illegal pornography, more than 25 cigarette or 25 gms of tobacco, more than 2250 ml of alcohol, business samples, costly goods ( more than $900), animal products or parts, food items, foreign currencies and so on. This proves that you are bound to Australian laws as you have a valid signature at the end. 

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is the immediate thing you do as you land at the airport. You have to go to the directed area for the purpose. The queue needs to be followed according to your Australian, known-Australian passport holders line and stay quiet and avoid taking photos in that area. Take your incoming passenger card, boarding pass and passport ready to provide the documents immediately as your turn comes to you. Anker them regarding the questions relating to your visa and purpose of stay. The customs officers are the one who deals during this procedure. You will get your passport and immigration card back after the completion of this phase. 
Baggage claim

To claim for your backpacks, you have to find the appropriate baggage carousel by checking the information on the screen around the carousel that shows the details of the flight number. The airport officials will help you in case they get stuck. The available trolley can be used and after this proceed towards the Quarantine area. 

Quarantine inspection

The quarantine area is the place inside the airport where your bags are inspected by the officers. In case, they ask you about the items in your bag, you have to be honest about carrying them with you. You will also be changed with fine if your answer isn’t justifiable to carry that particular item. You will not have a problem if you have packed it on your own. The illegal stuff will be seized and those kinds of stuff that are a threat to the Australian ecosystem will be taken out from your bag. The inspection procedure might involve dogs as well. 

Head towards your travel destination

If the above procedure becomes a success with no interruption on your entry, you can move toward the destination by finding transport to reach. You will have less difficulty if someone of your own is living in Australia who can come to pick you up. The universities and institutes offer the pickup service if you are a student whereas your family members may do that for you. If not, find an airport shuttle service, train, taxi or a bus for yourself.

Besides, you can find a place to purchase something of your necessity immediately depending on the airport you land one. Some of them are Duty-free, Australian way and so on. A beautiful endeavour is ahead once you step out of it and enter into the cities officially. 

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