Australia Air Pass

What is an Air Pass?

An air pass is a package deal offered by certain companies which allows the passengers to travel to multiple destinations instead of having to buy individual tickets for each destination. The domestic air pass is usually more common but there are some companies that also provide international airpass. If you are planning on getting an air pass, it is important to note that in order to have access to an airpass facility, you must usually have a membership of the company that you are trying to get the airpass from. Different companies provide different types of airpass and the flexibility of these airpasses also depends on the company.

Companies that provide Air Pass in Australia

Getting an airpass is considered a good way to get around in Australia. Mentioned in the list are the names of the companies known for their airpass facilities.


Qantas provides a range of different airpasses for travelling within or near Australia. The most common airpass is the Qantas Explorer. Qantas Explorer is an airpass which allows you to travel to multiple destinations of your choice in Australia. This is the best option for those who are visiting Australia as the pass allows you to choose the flights to various destinations you want to visit in Australia and it also includes the flight to and from Australia. The other type of airpass provided by Qantas that is suitable for visiting Australia is the Aussie Airpass. This airpass allows you to travel to 3-4 cities in Australia. Within this airpass deal, there are multiple airpass combination options you can choose from depending on what you want to see or how you want to spend your time in Australia. Some of the airpass options are Adventure, Reef, and Food & Wine. There is also an option to customize your own airpass combination.

Qanta also provides a Walkabout Pass which allows you to travel to upto 6 destinations in Australia. Sydney will be the starting point of your trip. It is important to decide where you want to go as some places may not have a direct flight from the other places you are visiting, which will end up costing you more. You can also not buy a Walkabout Pass after you have already booked your international ticket. You have to get the pass while booking your international flight.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is also one of the companies now for its airpass facilities. The most common airpass for those who are visiting Australia is the Virgin Australia PlusPass. This airpass allows the passenger to visit upto 16 destinations in Australia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and Indonesia. In order to be able to get a Virgin Australia PlusPass you must first book international ticket to Australia. This pass is quite flexible and also comes with other facilities like network availability and extra luggage. 

The Singapore Airlines also provides an airpass that is linked with Virgin Australia. The airpass is called Visit Australia Airpass. The international to and from Australia will be with The Singapore Airline while all the domestic flights will be with Virgin Australia. The passengers can choose from 45 different destinations in Australia.


Oneworld is an airline alliance company that offers various airline facilities. If you are planning on visiting Oceania/Pacific  and primarily concentrating your visit to Australia, oneworld offers a Visit Australia and New Zealand airpass which allows the passengers to travel to around 60 destination in Australia and New Zealand. This pass however does not include South Pacific island region. While getting this pass, international ticket must also be booked on a oneworld carrier. Oneworld also offers different other passes which are either continent-based or distance-based. Oneworld Circle Pacific is considered one of the best airpass deals.

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