Study in Australia FAQs

Here’s a list of questions that people have asked me regarding studying in Australia from Nepal.

Why study in Australia ?

Because there is no scope in Nepal. Not exactly, but that’s what a lot of people have told me .

Studying in Australia is a unique experience that will make you a mature person. The life there isn’t as easy as it is here. And that is the thing that’ll make you mature. When you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you grow as a person. (That’s some TEDxTalks right there). More than this , studying in Australia provides you financial freedom,interpersonal skills and everything you need to grow as a person.

How do I plan to study in Australia?

If the thought of studying in Australia has struck your mind, just read a few articles that are here or visit a consultancy. Usually, consultancies provide free consultation and whatever doubts you might have will be cleared.

If you are looking for a consultancy to visit, may be go through the following list.

I’m scared. It’s such a big step. Is it normal?

Heck, it’s normal. I agree, it’s a big decision and for sure it’s normal to be scared. Don’t think too much, everyone who has thought of going abroad has felt that way.

Do I need a visa to go to Australia? BTW what’s a visa?

Of course, you need a visa to go to Australia. A visa is what allows you to go to, stay or leave a certain country.

Is Australian Visa that difficult to attain?

Yes and No. It depends upon you, your test results and your portfolio. If everything is well done, getting an Australian visa is not that difficult.

Should I consult a consultancy? Why?

Yes, you should. When you apply through a consultancy , the process is streamlined because they know what it requires for you to get your student visa.

How can I choose the best subject for me?

Go after what you really feel is your calling. Whether it’s filmmaking or astral sciences, you do you.

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