Documents required for Nepalese student to apply for Study in Australia student visa

Applying for an Australian student as s Nepalese student? The visa application on your own is a hectic process. You need to know a lot of things about a lot of things before you can attempt to apply on your own.

You just cannot call the admission committee and introduce yourself to them and get admission. First, you are in Nepal and second, the committee requires proof to verify that you are a genuine person, not philosophically. They need to know if you are eligible academically and financially, whether or not you are eligible to leave the country, etc.

Here’s a list of documents that you will definitely need if you are willing to apply for Australia Student Visa from Nepal.

DocumentPurposeIssued By
Statement of PurposeTo express yourself to the universityYourself
Work Experience LetterTo show the works you’ve done for an institutionThe company you’ve worked for
Sponsorship CertificateTo show that your fees will be taken care of by the sponsorBank
Relationship CertificateTo show the relationship with your parents or sponsorVDC/ Municipality
Tax Clearance CertificateTo show you don’t have any tax issuesVDC/ Municipality (verified by Tax office in Nepal)
Recommendation LetterTo establish your worthteachers ,counsellors or advisors
Property Valuation CertificateTo evaluate your total worthInstitutions like banks
Salary CertificateTo show your salaryThe company you’ve worked for
Income Source CertificateTo show the income of your familyVDC/ Municipality
Police reportTo show that you do not have pending police reports and are clean legallyPolice station

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose (also known as SOP) is a document where you express yourself to the university that you are applying for. You write about your family background, your educational background ,why you want to join the college and why you would want to take a particular course. It is also known as Letter of Intent.

When you are writing an SOP for graduate studies, you need to focus on why this course is the best course for you and why do you want to pursue this course.

But when you are writing an SOP for postgraduate studies(Masters or PhD), you need to focus on the researches the projects that you have done in the past.

The statement of purpose needs to be written well because this is your portfolio. This is THE document that the admission committee will go through and decide if they would like you to join their college or not.

Here’s a guide to writing the best statement of purpose with examples.

Work Experience Letter

Do we even have to explain what this is?

Work experience letter is a letter that proves that you have had served a company on a designated post. This is a proof to show that you have done your job as an employee of the company and have been completed all the tasks that you have done and fulfilled your responsibility.

The letter should be written on the company’s letterhead and must have the company’s CEO’s signature and company’s stamp.

The experience letter must follow the following rules :

  • It must be printed on the company’s letterhead
  • Date of issue is mandatory
  • Your name on the certificate should match the name on any other documents like Citizenship.
  • The period of employment must be written clearly
  • The document should be signed by someone authoritative and must have the company’s stamp

Sponsorship Certificate

Sponsorship certificate, also known as Certificate of Sponsorship or Affidavit of Support is a document that proves that the person who’s applying for the country has the needed amount of money in the bank. To prove that you have the needed amount, the bank must issue a Bank balance certificate.

The sponsorship certificate must have the following details :

  • Date of issue
  • Bank balance certificate and statement from an accepted bank

Relationship Certificate

Relationship certificate proves your relationship to a certain person(mostly parents and children) for legal purposes or just generally. It’s called Nata Pramanit in Nepali.

The certificate requires the following data :

  • Authentic first name and last name of both
  • The date of registry of relationship

Tax Clearance Certificate

A tax clearance certificate shows that you have no prevalent tax affairs. It is issued by the Municipality or VDC and is verified by a tax officer.

Recommendation Letter

If you are willing to go to Australia, you’ll have to be used to the word “Recommendation” and you will probably get used to it.

Recommendation letters are a great way to measure your worth because it isn’t written by you. When someone else writes about you , the credibility increases. The admission committee will go through this letter and your SOP briefly and make sure they choose the best student that they can get.

Who to ask to write a recommendation letter?

Make sure the person who is writing your recommendation letter writes good things about you because ‘Thou shall be judged by your recommendation letters not by your actions.’

Some of those people can be your teachers, professors, counsellors, advisors or your past college coordinators. Make sure they write only good stuff about you. Like how you are really motivated and energetic and always used to attend classes and always submitted your assignments.

Jokes apart, make sure to have a good list of recommendation letters. They are really really important and will help the admission committee to judge you before they have even met you.

Property Valuation Certificate

The property valuation certificate is a certificate issued by an institution(especially bank) that shows the total value of your property.

Income Source Certificate

Income source certificate is a document that verifies the sources of income of a particular person (SHOCKING!). The document is issued by the VDC/Municipality.

The document can have the following evidences :

  • House rent
  • Land lease
  • Salary certificate
  • Pension Book
  • Stock/share papers,etc.

Salary Certificate

Salary certificate is issued by the organization that you have been working for which discloses full details about your job. The details might include :

  • Salary
  • Position
  • Duties
  • Employment period, etc.

The following points should be considered while creating a salary certificate :

  • The certificate must have your real name
  • It should be printed on the company’s letterhead and must have the company stamp and must be signed by an authorized person

Police report

You need to prove your innocence! (That was such a cliche line though)

Police reports are required to check if you have any legal issues or not. You need to fill a form to get the police report. The form can be picked up from the police headquarter at Naxal, Kathmandu.  You will need your citizenship certificate, your passport and 3 passport size photos. For more information, you can call here: +977-1-4412602, +977-1-4420538

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