Why is BSW the best course to get you an Australian Visa from Nepal?

BSW stands for Bachelor of Social Work and is a go to subject for a lot of students who are willing to pursue abroad education.

Bachelors of Social Work was first started by St. Xavier College as a fraternity course and now has become one of the most popular non technical courses for the students. Students usually enroll in this course mostly because it’s easy and it offers the needed credential and experiences for abroad study.

If you’ve read the previous article “9 tips to get your Australian visa successfully”, you’ll realize how much I have emphasized on getting an evidence.

What actually do I mean by evidence? Is this a murder mystery? No!

By evidences, I mean physical proof that you have done your part as a student.

And there is enough physical proof that this course can give you. You have 300+ hours of internship/ voluntary work in a NGO which is more than enough to let you have an upper hand.

Right now, the course is not recognized by the government. Hence, the chances of working as a government officials is less to none. So, the most number of people who actually study this course are people who aspire to go study/work abroad or work in a NGO/INGO.

This course is not recognized by Nepal government but is universally accepted, especially by the Australian education board. A social worker in Australia earns $2,526 – $3,712 a month which is more than what an engineer earns in Australia.

The course is fairly simple ,easy to pass and the fee structure is lower than most of the other courses in Nepal. By most, I mean all.

Students are equipped with certificates of various sectors like English Proficiency(important for abroad study) , French, Writing, Entrepreneurship, etc. Even though the core certificate is of Tribhuvan university, the students are also certified by Coursera and other US universities which adds to your resume for abroad study.

BSW details

Course name :

Duration : 36 months (3 years)

Academic year : Yearly

Evaluation Method : Percentage

University affiliated : Tribhuvan University

Faculty : Social Science and Development studies

Eligibility : PCL or + 2 in humanities (minimum)

Colleges that offer BSW course

  • Kathmandu BernHardt College

Address : Bafal Kathmandu

Website : https://www.bernhardt.edu.np/

Contact : 977 01 5187106 / 5187107 / 5187279 / 5187444

Email :  info@bernhardt.edu.np

  • Kathmandu Model College

Address : Balkumari, Lalitpur

Website : http://www.ktmmodelcollege.edu.np/

Contact : +977-1-4242121, 4242015, (KMC +2 Program)

Email :  kmcbagbazar@mail.com.np


  • Triton International College

Address : Tinkune, Kathmandu

Website : http://triton.edu.np/

Contact : 01-5104450 01-5104529

Email : tritonintlcollege@gmail.com

  • Campion College

Address : Kupondole, Lalitpur

Website : http://cgeducation.com.np/cmp_college_admission.php

Contact : 01-5521753 01-5531432 01-5531436

Email :

  • Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies

Address : Dillibazar, Kathmandu

Website : http://www.smcollege.edu.np/schs/

Contact : 4433334, 4433810

Email : info@smcollege.edu.np

  • Dibyabhumi Multiple College

Address : Hanumansthan, Kupondole, Lalitpur

Website : http://www.dibyabhumi.edu.np/

Contact : dibyabhumicollege@gmail.com

Email : 01-5542479 01- 5527209 9861840926

  • Bright Vision College

Address : Satdobato, Tutepani, Lalitpur

Website : http://www.brightvisioncollege.com.np/

Contact : Samjhana Chowk, Biratnagar-6,

Email : brightvision@gmail.com

  • Khwopa College

Address : Dekocha-5, Bhaktapur

Website : https://www.khwopacollege.edu.np/

Contact :  +977 1-6610932

Email :

  • K & K International College

Address : New Baneswor, Kathmandu

Website : http://www.kandk.edu.np/web/pages

Contact : +977 1-4497515

Email :

  • The Times International College

Address : Dillibazar, Kathmandu

Website : http://timescollege.edu.np/

Contact : +977 1-4441163

Email :

  • Classic College International

Address : Tinganga, Kathmandu

Website :

Contact : 6225708, 4110135, 4110433

Email :

  • Newton International College

Address : Siphal, Kathmandu

Website : http://www.newtoncollege.edu.sg/


Email :

  • Xavier’s College

Address : Maitighar, Kathmandu

Website : http://www.sxc.edu.np/

Contact : +977-4221365,4244636

Email : ktm@sxc.edu.np


Sources : https://glocalkhabar.com/education/scope-of-bachelors-in-social-work-in-nepal/



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