PTE: The Pearson Test of English

What is PTE?

PTE is a computer-based examination test that the non-native speakers attend before applying for a state with English as the prior language. It stands for the Pearson Test of English. The test is for 3 hours that is divided into four distinct sections:

The reading portion is further related to writing or speaking. You are given the reading portion of the test which is the basis for the questions you are given further. The total time is 32-41 minutes where tasks are 5 with 20 questions.
Generally, essay writing in PTE exam with word limitation can be the better way of explaining what writing means in PTE test. You are given to write a summary too within the given time limitation and a format to be followed as it aims to check your level of English proficiency. The total time is 60 minutes where the total task is 2 with 4 questions altogether.

Unlike other tests, you are told to speak with a computer in this case as it is completely computer-based test. Your voice is recorded by the computer and you are marked based on the recording of your voice. The time allocated is 30 minutes where the total tasks are 5 with 30-33 questions.

You are given to hear an audio clip or a video clip which aren’t played twice. The one take is all that you have to do and based on the clip played, you are given the questions that need to be answered that includes writing a summary or multiple-choice answer, dictation or so on. The time allocated in 45-60 minutes with 8 tasks and 20-25 questions.

Details about PTE

PTE exams are endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council which is comparatively cheaper than IELTS or TOEFL exams (around $160). The tests are done for 6 days in a week to make you learn and practice it frequently. The score availability is within 5 business week whereas the other tests publish your score within two weeks. There are two versions of PTE as PTE academic and PTE general. You can retake the test after 5 days of the previous appointment if you are not satisfied with your score. It is recognized by more than 1800 programs in 719 countries including Harvard and so on.

Peculiarities of PTE

We are in a world where your language skills tested when you are a non-native speaker, IELTS, TOEFL, and various others are the language test out of which PTE is regarded as the most convenient one. The major highlights of PTE are as follows:

Quick Result
You don’t have to wait for long after appearing the test. The scores are displayed within 24 hours to 5 business days in cases.

The date for a test can be booked online and the registration is easy as that is free and online which is convenient for everyone.

Inclusive test
PTE is regarded as the most comprehensive test among other ESL tests as it is inclusive and far-reaching with its content and procedures.

Zero personal preference
You are marked for your performance-based. Therefore, there are no personal biases in PTE test as all the tests are given in front of the computer screen.

The scoreboard of a PTE test is accurate one as it discloses the score within the range of 10 to 90.

You are improvised for your grammar as well besides only focussing on your communicative English and its fluency.

Why choose PTE?

You cannot apply for a foreign university if you don’t have a valid ESL score because we are not a native English speaker. As we migrate to a nation where all we need is English to communicate, PTE can be the most appropriate one for you. It is based on Artificial Intelligence as it is an examination. It is fair and complete because you are taught to speak well not just to communicate fluently. The scores of PTE have recognized the universities in UK, USA, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Singapore and so on. PTE academics are accepted for Visa procedures in Australia and New Zealand. This shows that PTE is an appropriate option for you to test your English communication skills.

How to get PTE classes?

PTE classes are conducted by various institutes in Nepal, especially within Kathmandu valley. You can choose any institutes favorable to you. You don’t have to go to any centers to get the date fixed for an exam as it is an exam for which the related institutes guide you in a better manner. To book a date, you need a Pearson account.

Further details are given by the institutes to prepare for the exam because speaking is not an easy language. PTE tests your English in every way for which dedication during the preparation is a must because the score is valid for the two consecutive years once the score gets published. You can notify yourself that the period is over if you don’t see your score being displayed like it used to be after you appeared your exam.

Distinctions between PTE and other ESL tests

ESL tests refer to the exams for English Speaking Tests. Firstly, there is no human interruption and you will not be interviewed by the individual. Therefore, you don’t have to get pressurized to face someone new to be interviewed. The examination is unlike other tests that are based on a computer. You will just deal with the screen that makes you focussed too. You’ll not end up being stutter or stammer because the screen will not make you uncomfortable which humans may. You are given 71 questions in 20 formats with the division into 4 distinct sections.

Score evaluation

The range of score in PTE is 10 to 90 which is wide in comparison to others but the evaluation is the easiest one. You don’t have to waste time for the appointment and all and 65+ in PTE has a good weight like you score 7.0 in IELTS and so on.

As a whole, PTE is fast and reliable as well. It is less time consuming, fair as well as technical. You will be upgraded for your communicative skills including six skills like grammar, pronunciation, oral fluency, vocabulary, spelling and written discourse. The test gets completed within a day and the score gets displayed by the Next 5 business days which will make you move as soon as possible with no delay to your destination.

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