Academic writing style in Australia

Introduction Academic writing is concise, structured, clear writing patterns with genuine answering having the reader’s understanding as to the prior consideration. It is written formally with no complex wording or lengthy sentences. The writing depends on the use of words, vocabulary, conventions and discourse markers. The writing depends upon the discipline you are into and …

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Australia Air Pass

What is an Air Pass? An air pass is a package deal offered by certain companies which allows the passengers to travel to multiple destinations instead of having to buy individual tickets for each destination. The domestic air pass is usually more common but there are some companies that also provide international airpass. If you …

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What to expect at an Australian airport as a student

Introduction to Australian airport To begin with, there are 613 airports in Australia where Sydney’s Airport is said to be the busiest airport. The major airports are Adelaide airport, Brisbane airport, Cairns airport, Darwin airport, gold Coast Airport, Melbourne airport, Perth airport, and Sydney airport. Australian General aviation is a company that trains pilots in …

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