Academic writing style in Australia


Academic writing is concise, structured, clear writing patterns with genuine answering having the reader’s understanding as to the prior consideration. It is written formally with no complex wording or lengthy sentences. The writing depends on the use of words, vocabulary, conventions and discourse markers. The writing depends upon the discipline you are into and the field you are representative of where philosophies might rule sometimes or a stated theory may lead the writing. 

 Features of academic writing

Academic writing uses formal language and is written with an objective. The technical words depend upon the disciple you are writing on and are mostly subject-oriented rather than just a review unless it becomes the field works or literary arts. The major features or characteristics of academic writing are as follows:


As we know the academic writing is written for a purpose, it has to be formal with the use of clear words and fewer discourse markers but clear structures.


Academic writing is relatively complex and difficult for normal readers unless they belong to the specified field. This might sound irregular or violent for a noob who knows nothing about the topic or they may find it convulse one.


Academic writing is precise articles or documents with no exaggeration unless the topic demands the writers to do so.  

Absence of prejudice

There was an objective of writing when it comes to academic writing besides just a random flow of words. It is also said to be an explicit one as there has to be a purpose for writing. 


Planning is a key factor for academic writing as every academic writing follows a pattern. Planned writing is easier to understand with a definite direction from an argument to a summary and conclusion for the readers. 

Importance of academic writing

Not only the students, academic researchers, field instructors, lecturers and a lot of people use academic writing in their daily life. It is not just guidelines for readers for an additional factor of growth and development for the one who writes. The major importance of academic writing are as follows which turns out to be skilled in further life:

  • Enhances the analyzing capacity
  • Conveys the understanding
  • Pondering ability to specify the objective and critical analysis
  • Ideas about writing techniques and styles or formats
  • Develops the ability to write 
  • Improves vocabulary 

Styles of academic writing 


It is one of the simple writing styles which demands a description of the subject matter whose main purpose is to provide the facts and information to the readers. A relevant example would be enough for you to describe with clear vocabulary. This includes identifying, record, report, define and summary as the instructions where a simple clarification is enough for the feasibility of readers. 


It is a major style used in writing as the university-level text is descriptive and analytical writing includes descriptive writing with an organization of facts and necessary information that gets describe into groups, parts, types, categories, and relationships. 

The categories act as a part of discipline sometimes or else you have to specify the text. The comparison might get broken while comparing two theories that deal with social context, learning or the practice. 

The major elements of analytical writing include the points which make then fit to say as analyze, cotreats, relate, compare and examine. There has to be a sequence in the analytical writing whereas the plan has to be headed first followed by a brainstorm of ideas and facts. At the same time, it has to be sequentially presented with a signified group or patterns followed. Algorithms or a flowchart and tree diagrams could be used to represent the categories and interrelationship. 


Persuasive writing is something that comes after the analytical which has all the features of analytical writing with a personal view of comments as an additional one. Usually, the essays are the form of persuasive writing as the conclusion comes as a persuasive element in it. 

There are cases where recommendation, discussion, judgment, argument, evaluation of findings and interpretation has to be presented through your writing. The points you forward have to be backed with evidence or clarification in persuasive writing or else a reference should be mentioned. The instructions like argue, evaluate, take a position after you discuss is what this writing covers. 

Therefore, there has to be research made or concept developed for persuasive writing as it is not just about to extract and explain. The patterns of data have to be presented with the strongest evidence on a conceiving subject matter while you develop the argument. The presentation has to be clear to the readers with valid assumptions and relevant at the same time. 


It is the most common style of writing used in the field of research, postgraduate and undergraduate level. It includes persuasive features as well as other perspectives. Persuasive forwards personal verdict whereas this writing shows one’s and another point of view. There have to be two or more points of view in critical writing unlike one view of persuasive writing. When you show the researcher’s interpretation and evaluate them on merits as well as demerits basis with alternative arguments, the writing turns out to be a critical one. 

The journal articles, literature review are some of the forms of critical writing as it institutes to debate, disagree, critique and evaluate. The summarization has to be accurate in this writing where the main interpretation, assumptions or strategy. There has to be a genuine opinion during writing to point out the issues and solve them accordingly. There has to be evidence for what you write or references from the source you extracted. Logical reasoning is a must during this writing. 

Critical writing demands very strong writing skills where the topic has to be familiar to you and the issues have to be clarified by the one who writes. The analyzing portion of the interpretations has to be presented on a format of essay with distinct paragraphs with distinct self argument and evidence. 

The resources for academic writing are necessary as it has a purpose to be written and belong to a distinct discipline mostly. Thus, it is an important document to choose for a deep understanding of a topic and also is taken as a necessity for a course objective.  

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