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Australia is a state with a higher flow of people as a student, employment seeker or someone who wants to settle a life there. It’s never too easy to adjust in a foreign place because forget about the upcoming better days, life is hard when everything is so new to you. If you are migrating as a student, the moment can be a game-changer, whereas the movement of the family can be a step towards the betterment of family life as well as a safe move for the future. Irrespective to the laws of different nations, there are thousands of people applying for various kinds of visa according to Australian migration. People from Asian countries migrate to the nation at the most. The major reasons for people migrating to Australia are illustrated below:

  • Beautiful climate and geography in Australia

In Spite of having temperature fluctuation internally, the place is a very good spot to live throughout the year. The matrimonies influence is an advantage to Australia with the adorable countryside. The soothing feeling, weekends on the beach are luring tot people because life is more about satisfaction and happiness.  

  • Multiple career opportunities

In the era of the business world, Australia serves people with numerous career opportunities involving migrants. Economic growth is a rapid one with an expansion of industries.  

  • Migration policy 

Australia being the only nation in a single continent has an acceptable migration policy, unlike other developed countries. Australia’s population growth is accounted for mainly by an aggressive and determined immigration program established in a while after WW I and this program continue to be in operation today. 

  • Quality of life

As mentioned earlier, life is more about happiness and satisfaction besides money, wealth and property. Materialistic things are temporary but the emotional attachment and essence of life cannot be avoided to live a happy life. Australia serves the residents with career programs as well as economic opportunities. Australia has been ranked within the top ten countries of the United Nations Human Development Index. 

  • Healthy environment

Australia is a nation with less air pollution which is a major disease-causing agent in the present context. The pollution is relatively low compared to other countries with higher provisions of growth and progress.

  • No language barrier

English is a feasible language to use in Australia which makes communication reliable. The natives do have a unique accent and quirky terms but the exchange of information is not highly affected by their accent to the migrants. 

  • Pathway to citizenship

The best thing about the nation is that they offer dual citizenship where the babies born automatically becomes capable of applying for citizenship even if the parent is not qualifying. Permanent residents can help you to get qualification for being an Australian citizen. 

  • Security

The crime rate in Australia is comparatively low with the sound intention of Australian people and community-minded nature within the people. This is why life becomes safe and sustainable in Australia. 

Thus, these are the highlights of Australia. Before being into the nation, one has to know about the environment out there because sustainability is the initial action to live a life. For this, the estimation of cost of living cost is necessary when you are adopting a new lifestyle in a new place. 

Living Cost details 

Living cost refers to the budgetary framing of the basic expenses you make to survive. The basic elements for life like food, shelter, clothing, and education as well as health as an additional one are something you cannot avoid. Education and health services are something arises with the time but food, shelter, and clothing are the basics to everyone from the day they are born and end up a life.  

Concerning the comparison made for the immigrants from Kathmandu to Australia, the basic expenses that occurs for your existence are mentioned below which can be your living cost unless you demand a luxurious life above the usual one: 


When you are in a business city, a basic lunchtime menu has coverage of AU$ 17 that includes a drink too. 

A combo meal at a fast-food restaurant like Big Mac Meal or a similar kind costs you AU$11 which is a satisfactory one.

A major protein-rich diet for people across the world, chicken breast ( boneless costs you AU$5.8 or 6 for 500 grams. 

A litre of whole fat milk costs you AU4 1.2 till 4 which is a better supplement for your on your diet.

Eggs are the diet that gets involved in each of your supplement which forwards how fruitful it is. You cannot miss it on your busy schedule which will cost you AU$ 5.42 for 12 lager ones. 

A kilogram of tomatoes costs you AU$ 4.99 whereas a kg of potatoes comes for AU$ 3.53

AU$9 for 500 grams of local cheese whereas a kilogram of apples for AU$ 4.28 because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 

Half a litre of a domestic beer in the supermarket comes for AU$5.43 whereas it is AU$19 if you go with a bottle of red table wine of good quality.

A refreshing drink named Coca-Cola comes for AU$3.53 with 2 litres of volume. 

Bread for two people for a day costs you AU$ 2.67. 


Monthly rent for 85 square meters (900 sqft) furnished rooms with accommodation in an expensive area costs you AU$2518 whereas AU$2004 will get you a normal one with 900 sqft furnished one for a month. 

A flat of 85 square meters with accommodation for 2 people with utilities for a month including heating, electricity, and gas comes for AU$242. 

Monthly rent for 45 square meters (480 sq ft) with a furnished studio in an expensive area comes for AU$1932 whereas a normal area comes within AU$1392 for a month with the same area. 

Monthly rent for 45 square meters (480 sq ft) with a furnished studio in an expensive area comes for AU$1932 whereas a normal area comes within AU$1392 for a month with the same area. 

If you are living on your own, AU$192 gives you a studio of 45 square meters (480 sq ft) with utilities sufficient for a month. 

Internet facility for a month costs AU$ 58, 40” flat-screen TV comes within AU$586 whereas microwave of 800/900 watt comes for AU$ 196 from a reputed brand like Bosch, Panasonic, LG, Sharp and so on.

Laundry detergent of 3 litres comes at a price of AU$11 and house cleaning has an hourly rate of AU$31.


A pair of jeans from levis 501 or similar costs you AU$100 whereas a pair of sports shoes come within AU$ 148 of different brands like Nike, Adidas.

A summer dress in a High Street Store from Zara, H&M or similar retailers comes for AU$79 and a pair of men’s business shoes made up of leather comes in AU$154.


It is a very distinct expense you made to carry out your tasks and seek the surviving.

A new Volkswagen Golf 104 TSU belonging to 150 CV or equivalent with no extra changers costS AU$ 25587 and a monthly ticket for public transport reaches a cost of AU$147. 

In case you have your vehicle, a litre of gas that is one-fourth of gallon comes for AU$ 1.47. 

Health or personal care

You cannot avoid your status while fulfilling the materialistic things because, in the absence of your good health, everything seems to be filthy. 

Medicine like Tylenol, Frenadol, Coldrex or equivalent brands costs you AU$ 12 which is sufficient for 6 days unless you retain your original good health. 

A box of antibiotics of 12 doses costs you AU$17 to boost up your immunity if necessary. 

You have to pay AU$71 for a short visit to a private doctor and take an appointment not longer than 15 minutes.

A box of 32 tampons cost you AU$ 8 which is a must pay for the female hygiene.

A deodorant or a roll-on of 500 ml cost you AU$ 5.62 to avoid body mask odour and smell good.  

AU$ 6 is the appropriate cost of 400ml of hair shampoo in a two in one packaging. 

AU$ 3.12 is for 4 rolls of toilet paper and AU$ 3.73 for a tube of toothpaste. 

A men’s haircut costs AU$ 2 in a standard ex-pat area of the city.


Life becomes monotonous in absence of refreshment for which an allocation needs to be made so that weekends sounds interesting and a less hectic schedule during the week. Sometimes, the personal habit might also add charge in your life whose costs in terms of Australian dollars are mentioned below:

A basic dinner for two in a nearby pub costs AU$ 53 whereas two movie tickets come for AU$ 36. The two theatres with best available seats cost you AU$ 203.  

A complete dinner for two individuals in an Italian restaurant in an expat area with appetizers, main course, wine, and desert cost you AU$ 97.

A packet of Marlboro cigarettes comes in AU$ 32 and a cocktail drink in the city cost AU$18.

 A coffee person goes for a cappuccino for AU$ 4.61 in an outlander area whereas a beer in neighbourhood pub costs AU$ 9 for 500 ml or a packet. 

WIFI for your IPad with 128 GB costs you AU$ 611 and a min. of prepaid mobile tariff with no discount or plans cost you AU$ 0.55

A month of a gym membership or in a fitness park in business district costs AU$ 70. 


As a whole, the above-given cost can be a basis for your estimation of living costs as it includes all vital elements and a luxurious price like of wine and cigarettes if you are habituated within. This can be key to your estimation to avoid financial hardship. In case your available income is not enough to meet your expenses, an alternative can be selected like a movie ticket in place of theatre. You can go for a basic dinner in place of an Italian restaurant to run accordingly with your financial stability. Thus, we hope this article becomes effective for you for your living cost estimation and helps you to create a balance between what you earn and how you spend with no economic torment in Australia.  

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