Sports In Australia


Sports is a physical activity that develops a skill within you to work as an individual or with a team against the other one as a refreshment bound by certain rules and criteria. It is a physical exercise that involves the movement of your whole body which avoids lethargy within you. The moment becomes a lively one with your energetic action as well as satisfies you for the competition or a pastime. Sports is a very important task because you have to be calm, determined as well as adaptable during the game bound by the discipline in the playground. 

Importance of sports

It is said that sports don’t only develop athletics but also a better human. Sports develop your overall performance as well as knowledge about the games you are into. Some of the major importance of sports are mentioned below:

  • Development of healthy bones and muscles
  • Maintains the physical fitness of an individual
  • Contributes to socializing habits
  • Develops the co-operative skills
  • Energises body and boosts up self-confidence 
  • Avoids the risk of getting obese 
  • Promotes sportsmanship
  • Necessary for personality development
  • Develops career-building opportunities 

Sports and Australia 

Australia is a nation where sports fosters. The nation has previously organized sports like Cricket, Horse racing, rugby league and union, football (Australian rules), soccer and so on. It has been an important aspect since the early colonial period. Not only this, the Ashes, the Melbourne Cup, and America’s Cup are some national identity shaped by sports to Australia. 

Sports league in Australia

Here is a list of a sports league in Australia:

  • Australian Football League (AFL)
  • The Big Bash League (BBL)
  • National Rugby League (NRL)
  • AFL Women’s (Australian rules football)
  • Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL)
  • Women’s National Basketball League ( WNBL) 
  • The A-League
  • The W- League (soccer)
  • The Australian Basketball League 
  • Super Rugby
  • The National Rugby Championship (rugby union)
  • Suncorp Super Netball
  • Supercars Championship (touring car racing)

Sports played in Australia 

Social sport is a broad concept developed in the younger generations of Australia whereas the children are trained or made to play from their pre-school itself. The major sports in Australia are mentioned below:


Cricket is a national game of Australia. It is called as a backyard sport or fantastic beach sports. 631000 children and 32800 adults regularly play the game in Australia. There are four major cricket stadium in Australia. 


One of the most popular sports in Australia is swimming. Regardless of their age, 3.1 million people out of the total population are involved in swimming. 


The first social sport for a child comes to be cycling as the Australians children learn to ride a bike at a very young age. The popularity has been increasing whereas a lot of people take it as a means of traveling as well. 2.4 million people participate in cycling and take it as a habit. 


Since the 1800s, soccer has been played in Australia whereas the current playing estimation goes over 2 million people. 48.7% of the aged group 6-13 take it as a common sport. 


It has been gaining popularity in Australia as well since Australian basketballers have been making it in the big league over in America. There is a total of million participants for basketball in Australia.


It is an abbreviation of Australian football League. It is one of the most played as well as watched sport in Australia, particularly in Victoria and South Australia. The participants raise to 1.5 million people which is rising every year.  


Tennis is regarded as an ideal social sport and a competitive sport in Australia. 960000 people play tennis in Australia. 

National Rugby League 

It is commonly known as NRL. There are 170000 registered players for NRL all around Australia nevertheless 770000 people play it in a different version.


It has been played since 1897 in Australia. All the women and children of various ages play the game which goes 503000 children and 343000 adults as participants. The Diamond, Australia’s International team have won 10 games out of 14 Netball World Tournament since 1963.  

Besides, Australia has hosted the Olympic Games twice in the year 1956 and 2000 in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. Australia has a high preference in Commonwealth Games and has been taking part n Asian Cup too. 

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