What can you do to improve your chances to find a part time job in Australia?

Working part time is an important aspect of living in Australia as a student. But since the number of people who are willing to study in Australia is increasing day by day, the part time jobs are difficult to acquire.

In order to get a job in Australia, some factors that might help you are as follows :


Australia has grown to be a place where everything depends upon your connections. You’ll get enough jobs if you know the right people for the job. So, the best thing you can do is start building your connections.

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So what can you do to build your connections in a country where you don’t even know anyone ?

If I were you I’d do the following things :

  • Search for your relatives who have stayed in Australia for some time and socialize with them. Kill two birds with one stone. This way you will know the people who belong to your family and also build your connections.
  • Join online communities. There are a lot of online Nepali pages that can help you get jobs like :

Australia ma Nepali :

And a lot of groups like :

Australia ma Nepali :

Kaam and Kotha in Nepal :

Nepalese in Australia :

Build a good portfolio

Building a good portfolio is as important as working there. Prepare a good CV. Don’t make it a cookie cutter one with generic details like ‘I’m a hardworking guy’ and things like that. Actually write about how you’ve worked hard for a company and how it has really facilitated them. Be as result oriented as you can be because in the end of the day , results are what we really need.

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In countries like Australia,problem solving is the best skill that you can add to your resume. Make sure that you add problem solving to your resume and also how you’ve solved problems.


I know what you might be thinking. Why volunteer? Why not earn money?

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Volunteering is the best way to build connections. How, you ask?

You get to meet a lot of people from different organizations and get to practise your English. English proficiency is one of the most important skills to get a job in Australia.

Build a strategy

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Be clear about what you want. If you have college that goes from 9-5 then you will not be able to get a job that you will be able to work in that period of time. So, first think about what you really want to do and search for the jobs accordingly. If you have time to work from 6-9 in the evening , find jobs that suit your needs and do it accordingly.

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